Welcome to my film and animation Portfolio

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Student Film Trailer (1 minute)

These 2 videos demonstrate my knowledge of digital applications such as Photoshop, After effects, Premiere Pro and Toonboom Harmony to produce industry standard animated short films.

Happy Unhappy - Full Film (5 minutes)

This 5 minute film was produced during an 8 month thesis at Sheridan College and has garnered 177,000+ views on Vimeo!


research & development

Ink Line Motion graphics

Using the concept of a Zoetrope, sections of 6 inked illustrations are timed to reveal at different intervals. The overall effect appears animated when combined with self drawing line masks applied in Adobe After effects.

Color blocking animation

An action analysis scene exploring a line-less graphic style of hand-drawn animation. Animated in Adobe Photoshop

Feel Enough - Full Film (5 minutes)

The full unreleased short directed by Wesley Trung Nguyễn that applies my ink line technique.




Short Narrative

Western Thinker comic anthology project


Line Drawing

GIRLS100 TOKYO Art book project


Production Design

Happy Unhappy student film


Education & Work Experience


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