The Turning Girl [2018, ink drawing]


Genie Liang is a Canadian inter-disciplinary illustrator working between Toronto and Los Angeles, who’s work ranges from art direction, product design, and story telling through film and sequential art.

The artist has created illustrations, showcased in the U.S., Canada, and Asia through galleries such as Los Angeles’ Q-Pop, Gallery Nucleus and Meltdown, and Thailand’s National Gallery, The Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Through these galleries their work has touched on exhibits focusing on anime pop-culture (Bartkira, Hatsune Miku, Neon Genesis Evangelion) to safe sex & consent (2 Cents 4 Consent).

With their distinctive gentle lines and bold gestures. The artist’s work lives between surrealist fantasy and child-like whimsy. Creating a new world that embraces the refinement and purity of everyday life, while simultaneously using simplicity as an anchor to uphold the subject’s identity.

Collaborations : Omniboi, Ehiorobo, Mark Redito, Zoomlens Label, Maltine Records…