[City Pop Idols] exhibition art pieces
[ AI.OFFLINE ] Event Campaign
[ 1 Slash Million ] digital release cover art
[1 Slash Million Remix] EP Tour Flier and Cover art
[ Why Can’t You Act Normal ] exhibition art piece
Youth In Bloom
[ Everything Felt Right Remixes ] digital release cover art⠀
[Fleet:00] Social Branding
 [FATHOM] Event Campaign 🔸2018 graphic design 🔸   ▫️ for  @zoomlenslabel  event at  @circus_tokyo   ▫️ photo taken by  @wwei33  🌹  ▫️the mini campaign included the poster, social media post formats, schedule, promo videos using the artist press photos which featured the sound of each artist to preview before the event.
[Never Letting Go of This Moment] DIGITAL RELEASE COVER ART
[Techo ☆ Deluxe ☆ Remix] EP cover art
[MALFORM] Event Campaign
[Trying My Best] Digital Release Cover Art
[REFLECTIONS] Digital Release Album Art
SLICE | side B
[Tetsuo and Capsule | Kaneda and Bike]
[Techo Deluxe] Album art & design
[Lucky88] exhibition art pieces