FLASHBACK  - art zine, 2019 Genie Liang
  Westen Thinker  - comic collection 2019 Genie Liang  4 full color short comics on cultural duality  [read a chapter]
[City Pop Idols] exhibition art pieces
 “AI.OFFLINE” 2018   Maltine Records ,  shhsecretsongs ,  Zoomlens  at Circus Tokyo
 “1 Slash Million” 2017  @omniboi  &  @mrehiorobo  via  Melting of Age  SYNTHESIS compilation
 “1 Slash Million Remix” 2017  mrehiorobo  &  omniboi
[ Why Can’t You Act Normal ] exhibition art piece
 “Everything felt Right Remixes” 2018  Mark Redito
[Fleet:00] Social Branding
 [FATHOM] Event Campaign 🔸2018 graphic design 🔸   ▫️ for  @zoomlenslabel  event at  @circus_tokyo   ▫️ photo taken by  @wwei33  🌹  ▫️the mini campaign included the poster, social media post formats, schedule, promo videos using the artist press photos which featured the sound of each artist to preview before the event.
 “Never Letting Go of This Moment” 2018  @markredito
[Techo ☆ Deluxe ☆ Remix] EP cover art
 “Fly Home” 2018 Highcheru & Genie Liang
 “Trying My Best” 2018  Oh My Muu’s  single via  Zoom Lens
[MALFORM] Event Campaign
 “Reflections” 2018  SMYANG
SLICE | side B
[Tetsuo and Capsule | Kaneda and Bike]
[Techo Deluxe] Album art & design
[Lucky88] exhibition art pieces