Exhibition: 2 cents 4 consent San Francisco by Jean Liang

[ Why Can’t You Act Normal ] exhibition art piece
2017 illustration

Anonymous stories illustrated by artists bringing about new expressions for change and acceptance.


“Illustrator Genie takes to geometry and symmetry to present the normalization of trauma a young woman faces after being subject to rape and molestation by her own father. Pink hues indicating sensitivity, love and lust. Textured tones and subtle speckles create an undertone of static unrest. A provocative white sheet is drawn up, becoming a thin barrier for self protection or a wall to hide the legs of two figures presented under a bed for three. Life moves on with a dusting of unease in this rational and ordered family portrait.”


▫ 02.10.2018 - 02.11.2018 @2cents4consent@sketchpadgallery BREAK SILENCE /// pop up show
▫ 11.21.2017 - 11.26.2017 Bangkok Art and Culture Center for Women's Day Theme show

Read the story that accompanied this piece @2cents4consent .